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OBD’s mission is simple, to nurture and develop entrepreneurial talent

Whether you’re an organisation looking to develop the skills of your people, or an individual seeking to make the best of your working life, OBD can provide you with the entrepreneurial skills and mindset you need to succeed.


We believe that many talented individuals lie undetected within organisations. We know that the more people’s talent is developed the more engaged and fulfilled they become. By identifying and nurturing this talent, organisations can bring about positive change in their culture thus allowing them to compete more successfully.


We help organisations to nurture and develop the entrepreneurial talent of their employees and we work with young people to build their confidence, skills and entrepreneurial mind-set to enter and succeed in the world of work. We achieve this through a combination of practical workshops, individual & team coaching, on-line blended and supported learning.



A division of Oxford Business Development, we are a specialist leadership and business education company working in the UK and internationally. Our background is in running businesses, designing and delivering practical Learning & Development programmes and providing coaching support. We operate across many sectors and markets.

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  • A unique course that seemed tailor made for the business; when I finished I felt as though I could take on the world…”

  • I have enjoyed the course and found my time with Karen to be most beneficial. The coaching sessions work really well sharing ideas and learning from someone with a lot of experience outside of the company you work for.”

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