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Leadership qualities need to be embraced by the number crunchers too!

Leadership qualities are sought after in every role and those in finance offer no exception. However, it’s important to decipher what the much used term means. There’s an implicit assumption that leaders are budget holders with responsibility for the ‘pay & rations’ of others as well as for their performance, development and well-being. However, if […]


The Problem with People Science

People Science is the world of the rational, of evidence and categories, systems and equations. We all know and evidence-based research confirms, that people aren’t rational. They are unique and emotional and, unlike machines, don’t perform in an unbiased way. They find it difficult to be informed decision makers – preferring heuristics – which makes […]


The Dangers of Applying Big Data to Learning

Our uniqueness is our distinct advantage, not our limitation. We need to learn to appreciate it in ourselves and respect and encourage it in others. There is so much talk about big data that it’s easy to forget that big is only the sum of small. In business we refer to ‘big’ via aggregates, averages, and […]


Financial Literacy – Counting the Cost

The Bank of England’s Chief Economist, Andy Haldane believes financial literacy should be built into the core curriculum early in secondary schools. Doing so will lead to more people being better prepared for the challenges of adult life and more confident when handling financial matters. However, Geoff Barton, General Secretary of the Association of School […]


Why don’t line managers develop their people?

The urgent need to democratise learning The never-ending debate around undergraduate tuition fees and vocational and technical training courses hits the headlines again. The PM, Theresa May is calling for “better value” from the former and “higher standards” for the latter. While this issue centres on the quality and cost of education for young people […]

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Poor Management Skills? What have these adolescents being doing with their lives?

An obsession with qualifications. Let’s face it, degrees are so commonplace nowadays that they’re no longer the differentiator they once were.   Yes, they may confirm a certain level of academic achievement but they don’t make people work ready. Likewise the MBA. Once seen as the pinnacle of business qualification for ambitious high-fliers already in work, […]

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Nothing to learn from Carillion!

Whilst no one wants to see commercial failure of any magnitude, they are the unintended, if not unexpected, consequences of doing business. We know there are no guarantees in life and business is no different. Without risk, there can be no reward. Risk is the size of your non-refundable investment! Warren Buffet says that, “Risk […]

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Brexit – Joy for the Procrastinators

Making no decision is worse than making a bad decision. So much has been spoken about Brexit and of its likely impact on business in the UK. Whilst business confidence remains muted about its impact, it appears many are awaiting greater clarity before committing to longer-term plans. Preserving the status quo is preferred by many […]

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