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Energise People Engagement with Coach Supported Leadership Development

Invest in your team through practical work based business training by OBD Academy
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Invest in your future through practical work based business training by OBD Academy

“We’ve been providing low cost, high impact leadership development programmes using virtual technology for over 5 years – we’re equipped for the post-pandemic new norm.”

We didn’t foresee the current chaos and disruption when we set out on our journey. We simply wanted to make high quality business education more affordable, more structured and accessible to more people.  

The OBD Academy offers a ‘personal workshop’. We blend together online learning, work-based assignments and 1-2-1 coaching to give your people the knowledge and confidence to be the best they can be.  It’s akin to private tuition.

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Coach Supported Leadership Development – It’s all about YOU.

From as little as £30 per accredited hour of supported learning your investment in people development represents incredible value…

…so it doesn’t cost the earth!

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OBD Academy is structured around six core business disciplines:

Active LeadershipFinancial AwarenessMarketing in Practice

Customer EngagementLeading SalesCoaching in Leadership

Our approach to learning is firmly focused on the application of new knowledge and behaviours to bring about change.

Online learning

The Content Management System contains useful tools and information specific to each learner’s chosen discipline. Further reading recommendations and video links encourage learners to read around the subject matter. Access is personal and secure and is the platform through which they submit work-based assignments, contact their coach and connect with fellow learners.

Practical learning

Theory is interesting, but if it can’t transfer back into the workplace, why bother? The learning experience involves learners undertaking work-based assignments that connect their learning with what is happening in their business. Not only do the learners learn more from this practical application, sponsoring leaders also learn from their findings.

Coach supported development

Transformational learning doesn’t happen overnight. Through experimentation and reflection it evolves over time. That’s why learners are supported with their own business coach. The coaching relationship is critical to helping learners develop new knowledge, reflect upon new experiences and build their confidence to bring about behavioural change.

Independently accredited

We are proud to receive CPD accreditation and endorsement. We know our content is of the highest quality and that the experience for the learner is second to none, however it’s always reassuring to have an independent authority give their own seal of approval.  For those required to demonstrate evidence of their commitment to continuing professional development, each discipline has been awarded up to 84 hours of supported learning.

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Find out more about the programme structure, including our new discipline, Coaching In Leadership and sample some programme materials including pages from the module books and assignments.


“A unique course that seemed tailor made for the business; when I finished I felt as though I could take on the world…

“I have enjoyed the course and found my time with Karen to be most beneficial. The coaching sessions work really well sharing ideas and learning from someone with a lot of experience outside of the company you work for.”

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