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Leadership qualities need to be embraced by the number crunchers too!

Leadership qualities are sought after in every role and those in finance offer no exception. However, it’s important to decipher what the much used term means. There’s an implicit assumption that leaders are budget holders with responsibility for the ‘pay & rations’ of others as well as for their performance, development and well-being. However, if […]


The Problem with People Science

People Science is the world of the rational, of evidence and categories, systems and equations. We all know and evidence-based research confirms, that people aren’t rational. They are unique and emotional and, unlike machines, don’t perform in an unbiased way. They find it difficult to be informed decision makers – preferring heuristics – which makes […]


Kaye Bateman

After graduating from Cambridge, Kaye qualified as an accountant with Deloitte. Realising that developing the potential of people was far more challenging and rewarding than being an auditor, Kaye switched her focus. For the past 10 years she has been developing her own leadership development practice.


Sorrel Roberts

A professionally trained business coach, Sorrel’s nearly career saw her managing complex projects including the international licensing of Comic Relief’s fund raising brands. In addition to coaching executives at all levels , Sorrel also runs Coaching Skills workshops for parents.


Sam Elly

Sam is an experienced workshop facilitator and business coach. After an early career in teaching, Sam joined Deloitte initially in the Financial Regulation Consultancy before moving into the L&D function. He has over 15 years of designing and delivering leadership development programmes to a variety of businesses ranging from owner managed to FTSE 100.