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Why Coach Leaders Deliver Business Success

“Organisations say that people are their most important asset, yet few leaders consider people engagement a priority of their role or make the link between their ability to engage and business performance. If people don’t feel valued, they’re unlikely to add value.” David Cartwright

What is a Coach Leader?

At the OBD Academy we use the term Coach Leader to describe a leader who:

  • Recognises the importance of developing the potential of their people
  • Offers challenge and support that enables people to operate autonomously
  • Encourages their people to push the boundaries and achieve more

Why are Coach Leaders Important?

How an organisation survives and thrives depends upon the quality of its people.

How these people perform now and in the future is dependant upon the quality of those entrusted to lead them. The challenge therefore, is not whether you have sufficiently skilled employees, but whether your leadership population are sufficiently skilled in developing talent.

Are Your Leaders Coach Leaders?

Business success relies upon the engagement of everyone, not just a select few. A leader’s ability to coach and educate is a key driver in their ability to engage; it demonstrates a commitment to people development and growth. Employee engagement is the responsibility of leaders. If a team isn’t engaged then look no further than the leader for the root cause.

However, leaders can’t be expected to adapt their style overnight. They too need encouragement and supportive challenge to feel sufficiently confident to embrace a new way of leading. That’s why at the OBD Academy we’ve introduced our 6th discipline, Coaching in Leadership.

Developing Coach Leaders in Your organisation.

Coaching in Leadership is a series of 6 modules designed to offer leaders insight into the skills and behaviours required to confidently fulfil a Coach Leader’s role.

Behavioural change takes place over time and, for change to become embedded necessitates the practice of new skills in live settings. That’s why each of our modules contains 4 work-based assignments that provide the opportunity for leaders to:

  • Reflect on their current leadership style
  • Test out some new disciplines and models
  • Learn more about the people whom they lead

Modules are delivered over a 6 – 8 month period during which time learners enjoy the support of their own business coach. This allows learners to experience the benefit of someone journeying with them, and also what good coaching feels like first hand.

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