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Coaching in Leadership from OBD Academy

Leaders rarely get the best from their teams. Confused priorities, a lack of people skills combined with little thought given to their personal development and growth contribute towards high levels of disengagement. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

We developed our Coaching in Leadership course to help leaders learn practical coaching skills and become the leaders their people want them to be.

Our coach leadership course has been designed with the needs of both businesses and their people in mind. This new approach to leadership will allow people at all levels of management to improve their people skills, achieve more with their teams and create a better, more inclusive working environment.

Coaching in Leadership Modules

Coaching in Leadership consists of six modules providing insight into coach leadership skills and how these can be used to improve your performance and that of your team.

The Case for Coaching

Coach leadership is a development opportunity. It allows us to reflect upon our experiences to make sense of what happened and our emotions when it happened. In this module we:

  • Explain why people development is increasingly important
  • Review the role of leadership in business performance
  • Discuss coaching as a learning and development tool

The Coach Leader

Leaders are responsible for the well-being and development of their people. In this module we’ll help you to develop your own coaching awareness and we also explain:

  • Why your role is ideally placed to offer coach leadership
  • How you as a leader have so much to offer as a developer of people
  • How to go about preparing yourself to be a coach leader

It’s All About You

As a leader, what you think, say and do has an immense impact on the people you lead and beyond. Your every utterance is open to scrutiny.  In this module we:

  • Grow your awareness of being a role model
  • Make more personal connections with your colleagues
  • Implement some good practices to help build stronger relationships

Understanding Others

A leader’s ability to engage with their people has a direct impact on their performance. At its core is an ability to build meaningful relationships. In this module we:

  • Help you to remove some of the barriers to engaging with others
  • Suggest ways in which your actions can encourage the engagement of others
  • Introduce a framework to help you identify with the different characters in your team

Team Dynamics

A team is more than a group of people focused on the same goal; they need emotional maturity to encourage the best in each other. In this module we highlight:

  • The importance of a team
  • The areas that serve to disrupt a team
  • How to get the best from your team, even in adversity

Coaching Beyond Performance

We all have enormous capacity to grow, yet our focus on today’s targets and self-limiting beliefs often restrict our potential to develop further. In this module we challenge you to think about:

  • How you’re connecting with your potential
  • Introducing the ‘human touch’ to your performance reviews
  • Introducing simple skills to help develop your coaching practice

 “When someone encourages you, they help you over a threshold you might otherwise never have crossed on your own.”   John O’Donohue.

The OBD Academy Difference

To embed new learning, build confidence and bring about behavioural change, each module contains practical work-based assignments and each learner is supported by their own business coach.

Classroom and forum for
online working

Assignments and workbooks for offline working

Business Coaching to experiment and embed new learning

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