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Does Coach Supported Leadership Development Work?

Learners and business leaders value the investment…

With a Net Promoter Score of 73 our customers are telling us that Coach Supported Leadership Development is making a difference. Here’s a snapshot of our favourite bits of feedback:


Scale 1-10

Verbatim Comment

How important were the assignments in helping you to make sense of the learning in your workplace? 9.00 “Very important – working through the assignments helped me to bring the learning into ‘real life’, and to apply it to my day to day.”
How much new knowledge did you learn from the discipline? 9.13 “I was quite comfortable with a lot of the concepts discussed already but still learned a lot through the reflective process and discussions with my coach.”
How likely are you to be able to apply your learning back in the workplace? 9.13 “I can apply the theory, and the experience that I’ve had with Russell to my day-to-day role straight away.”
How important was your coach in helping to embed your learning and to supporting your learning experience? 9.75 “I cannot speak highly enough of Andy in supporting me and encouraging me throughout the course.”
How likely are you to recommend the OBD Academy to your colleagues? 9.38 “After experiencing it for myself, I would totally recommend OBD to my colleagues. I like the way of learning and believe that the mix of theory & coaching is far more challenging than sitting in a classroom.”
How likely are you to extend your learning journey to include other disciplines within the OBD Academy? 9.25 “Content excellent, coach even better: get me signed up to Active Leadership.”

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To find out more about Coach Supported Online Learning and sample some some course materials including pages from the module books and assignments.