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Customer Engagement Training from OBD Academy

Customers are important, but just as breathing is critical to living, we rarely give it much thought until a problem arises. In autopilot, we spend our time transacting with customers, but much less time thinking about them. That’s why…

We developed our Customer Engagement training course to help leaders check-in with how customers are viewed and served within their business.

Our Customer Engagement training course has been designed in the knowledge that service delusion is alive and kicking. How customers are ‘served’ is greatly influenced by the standards set by leaders. Here’s your opportunity to re-appraise your influence in customer engagement.

Customer Engagement Modules

Customer Engagement consists of six modules providing customer engagement training and showing how it can be used to improve your service delivery.

Are Customers Important?

Irrespective of new technologies, the level of ‘personalisation and personal intervention’ in customer service will be in greater demand than ever before. To succeed, you’ll need to raise your service standards throughout your business. By the end of this module you’ll:

  • Possess a more realistic assessment of how important customers are to your business
  • Discover the numerous ‘touch points’ with your customer and assess your performance in each
  • Identify the specific areas in your business where more customer centric skills are needed

Service Delivery Model – What’s Yours?

If service is expected to be the dominant differentiator in retaining and winning customers, how robust and elastic is your Service Delivery Model (SDM)? How easy and enjoyable are you to do business with? You’ll need both to succeed. In this module we’ll:

  • Get you thinking about your SDM as a complete customer journey
  • Help you to identify which bits work well and those that need refining
  • Highlight the importance of recovery when your SDM fails to deliver

Nurture Your Staff to Nurture Your Customers

Your frontline drive your bottom line! Do we know if those responsible for servicing the day-to-day relationships and needs of our customers are fully engaged? In this module we’ll:

  • Demonstrate the importance of employee engagement to customer retention
  • Identify obstacles preventing a leader from engaging with his or her people
  • Offer simple activities to help foster an engaged working environment

Service Failure – Bring it On

Service failures inform you of what’s not working well in your business. Service recovery is a powerful opportunity to show your true service credentials, yet most efforts leave customers feeling even more negative. In this module you’ll see the value in:

  • Preparing your people to successfully manage failures
  • Correcting failures, big and small, promptly
  • Proactively involving your customers in corrective actions

Energising Engagement – the New Norm

Customer satisfaction is worthless, customer loyalty is priceless. Customers want to feel that their long-term interests are firmly on the radar of their key partners. In this module you’ll consider:

  • The obstacles that prevent you from energising your people and your customers
  • The investment required to future-proof your existing customers loyalty
  • The manner in which IT solutions are helping you to gain a competitive edge

Are Your Customers Important To You?

It’s time to audit your role-model credentials. If you don’t have a customer centric culture in your team then look no further than your own actions and behaviours to detect the root cause. In this module we’ll challenge you to identify with:

  • The standards you demand to help your team engage with your customers.
  • The behaviours you model in your daily activities
  • The support you offer to help people align their own behaviours and actions

 “When an opportunity arises to show customers that you care, take it.”   Ron Kaufman.

The OBD Academy Difference

To embed new learning, build confidence and bring about behavioural change, each module contains practical work-based assignments and each learner is supported by their own business coach.

Classroom and forum for
online working

Assignments and workbooks for offline working

Business Coaching to experiment and embed new learning

Get in touch to discuss how this discipline can help prepare your leadership population to be more engaged with their customers.

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