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For Sponsoring Leaders

Classroom & forum for online working

Assignments & workbooks for offline working

Business Coaching to experiment and embed new learning

SIX MODULES per discipline

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If you’re serious about securing your company’s future success, isn’t it about time you invested in your people? Their latent talent is in your hands.

If only 5% of your people have the opportunity to develop their potential how are the other 95% expected to prepare for the future? Development can be expensive, but not as expensive as the cost of disengaged people serving your customer’s needs.

Your needs – Sponsoring leaders

• Effective, motivated & accountable leaders
• Impactful development programmes, delivered when you need them
• Learning which makes a difference to your business
• Investment spent on content and support, not travel and expenses
• Measurable critical success factors

Coach Supported Leadership Development

Transferring learning back into the workplace is the biggest challenge facing all learning and development investment. It is for this reason that learners are supported by their own business coach. Coaches ensure that learning takes place and, with the help of practical assignments, is tested back in the workplace.

Practical Content

The entrepreneurial content is engaging and stimulating, encouraging learners to think for themselves and to challenge the status quo. The completion of work-related assignments ensures that learning is understood and can be applied back in the workplace.

Scalable L&D Platform

Whether for a single discipline or the complete programme, you can add new learners as and when priorities dictate. This ensures that whatever the timeframe your learners receive a consistent message from one year to the next.

A Tailored Learning Journey

OBD Academy’s modular style means that learning journeys can be tailored around individual needs and organisational priorities. In discussion with their coaches, learners can agree a timetable that balances personal and work commitments.

A Cost-effective Development Option

This alternative to traditional L&D ensures that all monies are invested on the learner rather than travel and accommodation, and there’s no ‘dead’ time travelling to and from locations.  It’s a personal workshop, so participation is guaranteed – there’s no escaping the limelight.

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Independently Accredited

We’re proud to be accredited and endorsed by CPD, however it’s just as important for you to know that an independent authority has undertaken their own due diligence on your behalf. Our customers report that putting a breadth of learners through the OBD Academy leads to more engaged employees.

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