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Leading Sales Training Programme from OBD Academy

If your not supporting and challenging your sales people from a position of knowledge and evidence, then you, not they, are compromising the performance of your business. That’s why…

We developed our Leading Sales course to help leaders develop greater knowledge and awareness of the total sales activity that will enable them to lead with authority.

Our sales training programme has been designed to help leaders and their sales people approach their customers and prospects in a more objective and qualitative manner. In doing so they can work together on growing the business.

Leading Sales Modules

Leading Sales consists of six modules providing insight into sales and how they can be used to improve the performance of your sales teams.

The Importance of Sales

Sales is where customer relationships are built and sales revenues generated. It’s impossible to overstate its importance and the need to get up close with the activity and those driving it. In this module you will:

  • Increase your knowledge of the potential within your business
  • Build your confidence to challenge sales performance
  • Value the link between sales and financial performance

Data Rich Knowledge Poor

You need knowledge not guesswork to remain a dynamic and competitive business. It’s imperative to get behind the aggregate numbers and understand the detail of what’s happening. In this module you’ll appreciate:

  • What quality information is available to help lead and assess your sales effort
  • How this information helps to bring focus to your commercial priorities
  • How sharing this knowledge increases the collective understanding throughout your business

Development Priorities

Sales people need to prioritise their activities. As they are continually exposed to new opportunities and challenges on an almost daily basis, they need help to keep on track. At the end of this module you’ll know:

  • How to assess and prioritise the performance and potential of your existing customers
  • The level of business lost and at risk from your ex-customers
  • How to align sales activity with your priorities

Systematic Sales

We’ve become more conditioned with protecting results rather than driving them. After all, if you don’t know what’s out there how can you ask someone to go and get it? In this module you’ll learn about:

  • The difference between a Results Based and a Results Driven business
  • The potential that sits within your business and how to assess it
  • The current demand potential you’re already losing

Time, Territories & Targets

In seeking to improve sales productivity we must ensure that more focus is located in value added activities that promote rather than dilute closer trading relationships. In this module we’ll ask you to think about:

  • Your service delivery model and how this impacts your sales activity
  • Your sales activity as an investment hub rather than a cost centre
  • Establishing longer term targets that still manage to deliver short-term objectives

Coaching Engagement

The ‘hire & fire’ mentality has no place in successful businesses. Your sales people have earned the right to be supported and developed. As a leader, this remains your No.1 priority. In this closing module we’ll help you to:

  • Identify the traits of a Checking and a Coaching leadership style
  • Segment your people and identify their different development needs
  • Share your information and knowledge in a supportive yet challenging way

 “Sales people are your revenue generators, try doing business without them.”   David Cartwright.

The OBD Academy Difference

To embed new learning, build confidence and bring about behavioural change, each module contains practical work-based assignments and each learner is supported by their own business coach.

Classroom and forum for
online working

Assignments and workbooks for offline working

Business Coaching to experiment and embed new learning

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