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SME’s – max out on your investment in L&D

Learning & Development (L&D) falls into the discretionary spend category of a business. However, since L&D is a business critical investment in people, it should be a top priority in all SME’s For a business to be at its best, the people in the business need to be as good as they can be. Here […]


Coach Leaders Prioritise People Development

Where are the Coach Leaders? “We live in a world in which change is the only constant.” The importance and impact of statements of this ilk diminish the more they are repeated. Eventually, they fail to command our attention; we hear the words, but they no longer direct our thoughts to the ramifications of what […]


Sponsoring Leaders – the absent partners in L&D until now!

An engineering company discovered the significance of the engagement of sponsoring leaders when it trialled a blended learning package with its managers. “For the learning to be properly embedded, the line manager needs to do so much more than just allow the time and space for the learning to take place,” reflected Kelly Langley, learning […]


The Learner Experience must never be compromised

This article appeared in Training Journal on 20th March 2017. The Need for Development Humans have a psychological need to develop and grow; it’s fundamental to our well-being and self-esteem. It’s important in both our personal and professional lives. We are born unique and with the capacity to do far more than we believe. If […]


Skype Coaching Pushes the Boundaries

This article appeared as a For vs. Against piece in HR Zone on 17th March 2017.  The counter position to Skype Coaching can be found on the HR Zone website here. Coaching is recognised as one of the most powerful developmental interventions in helping people to make sense of new learning. Its focus is not […]


Behavioural change doesn’t emerge from classroom training!

Development of people is not simply the acquisition of skills; it’s about behavioural change and having the confidence in one’s ability to know what to do and when to do it in live moments. Online learning and workshops can’t do that. Add in coaching and you’re getting there. Without it, you’re just dipping sheep: some […]